Course Schedule | LeetCode 207 | Cycle in Directed Graph | C++, Java, Python

******* MINOR CORRECTION: ———————————————– Added an extra check in dfs() function. If visited state is 2 (completed), return true. dfs( adj, visited, v){ if(visited[v] == -1) return false; if(visited[v] == 2) return true; //// — THIS CHECK ADDED visited[v] = -1; for(int ad : adj[v]){ if(!dfs(adj, visited, ad)) return false; } visited[v] = 1; return […]


Kotlin with android studio. Part-1

Kotlin tutorial Part 1, “Hello, world,” first Kotlin program example using Android Studio Application for beginners. In this tutorial, there is a demonstration of how we can directly use the Kotlin programming inside the Android Studio which comes with IntelliJ and we do not need to install the IntelliJ separately.