Edit Distance | Dynamic Programming | LeetCode 72 | C++, Java, Python

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June LeetCoding Challenge:
May LeetCoding Challenge:

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12 thoughts on “Edit Distance | Dynamic Programming | LeetCode 72 | C++, Java, Python

  1. Yup, this is the one which kept me from finishing the May challenge. Really liked your clear explanation. It's obvious at this point I was taking the wrong approach.

  2. The way you explain the solution is very clear. I watched till ~7 mins and I tried to code myself and got it right whereas I was initially wondering how to start.

  3. How did you get an idea to directly jump to last characters and then start comparing and then apply DP ?
    By reading the question itself did you understand that this is a DP problem ?
    How do we know that we have to follow DP approach to any problem ?

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