How to decompile game maps (.BSP files) to edit in hammer editor

ATTENTION: You need Java and the Java Runtime Environment for this. You can download it here: and here
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This tutorial will show you how to turn a map file (.BSP) into a file you can open with valve Hammer editor (.VMF file) using a program called vmex.

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32 thoughts on “How to decompile game maps (.BSP files) to edit in hammer editor

  1. @Monster Projects. I'm having a problem. It's not the decomposing. it's loading the vmf in hammer. Whenever I try to run it in hammer this pops up: "File C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonteam fortress 2sourcesdk_contentlongwalk_d.vmf, line 12704: error 7"
    What does this mean? Help will be appreciated!

  2. ok I have everything installed and restarted my computer I put everything where it was needed and I double-click the .bat files it shows up and I select my map then it closes but no .vmf or showing the status. same thing when I drag it onto the .bat file

  3. well i compiled a hl2 map it completly fucked it up when i edited it their was no lighting all the triggers where shown and had collisions all i did was change the time of day

  4. I'm trying to look for that VMEX version that I've heard about, but never seen.
    "VMEX-redux v0.1", it's definitely a modification because it supports L4D2 maps, which the original VMEX 0.98 didn't.

    And I also specifically, need this version, because I'm doing a little research on a very specific map…

  5. I managed to make it work for myself, and possibly for you too if anyone is having trouble. (Make sure you download and install Java run time environment and winrar is what i use for zipped files)
    Here's how:
    1. Extract zipped file to a new folder on the desktop (name it whatever you want)(Should have the files: readme, vmex batch file, vmex2 batch file, and vmex Jar file)
    2. Move or copy and paste the .bsp file(The map you wanna decompile) into the folder containing the vmex files.
    3. Take the .bsp file inside the folder containing the extracted vmex files, and move it onto the vmex batch file.

    All finished: A black window will appear showing the decompiling, and in the end the .vmf file will appear in the folder. Hope this helps (I used this for garry's mod maps, so i am not sure of what the result would be for something like portal maps)

  6. I have a problem and I have a feeling it's just the map. Everything works great. It decompiles nicely and all, but when I go to open the map in Hammer, it has an error saying a certain line in the script or something comes to a sudden end.

  7. When I try to decompile a portal 2 map (sp_a1_intro5), it doesn't do anything. It doesn't help if I do it via the window, or via cmd itself.
    As I said, I performed the actions of the bat file in cmd itself, and it gave this error:

    Can't read <map name>

    I've got this error with every version of vmex I tried. (including the latest one)

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