Busy Java Developer's Guide to Apple's Swift

Apple released a new programming language for its ecosystem–one that appears, pretty clearly, to be designed to appeal to the traditional C/C++/C#/Java community developer. So how hard is it to get started now with iOS and OS X development? In this presentation, we’re going to take a language-level look at Swift, and how easy or […]


Wowslider Tutorial

In this video I’m explaining how you can get a image slider created by wowslider into your own HTML file. I hope this is clear enough. If not, comment on it with your questions and I’ll try to answer them for you.


Ted Neward – Busy Java Developer's Guide to Scala: Basics

Scala is a new programming language incorporating the most important concepts of object-oriented and functional languages and running on top of the Java Virtual Machine as standard “dot-class” files. Sporting the usual object-oriented concepts as classes and inheritance, Scala also offers a number of powerful functional features, such as algebraic data types, immutable objects by […]