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How to download Java Version 7 Update 51 Directly to your computer

This video shows you how to download Java to your computer. This is great for computer administrators as you can update an entire network using 1 file instead of updating each computer separately saving valuable bandwidth. Go here for the link: Then click on “Windows Offline”. This will download a direct full version of Java. […]

Get Html Color Code In Image With ColorPix

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How to Get HTML Code

Watch more How to Make a Website videos: HTML code is available for free in many places on the internet, or in handy pocket guides that you can buy from a bookstore or computer store. Step 1: Learn the basics Learn the basics of HTML, including how to lay out a header and body, by […]

How to make a program Trial last FOREVER!

This is just a little video on how to make a trial of a program last forever on your computer. Run as Date –